19+ DIY Birthday Card and How To Make It (Step-By-Step)

Every person love the present card, right? especially when you on birthday.

From your neighbor to your sis or for the guy, everyone’s birthday comes rolling about one way or another. Which implies you’ll have lots of cards to offer throughout the year

The diy birthday card is a traditional method to use a gorgeous gift. However exactly how can we transform it into a great surprise? We recommend you to attempt to give a lot of on your own, and your creative imagination extra precisely!

In reality, the diy birthday card is commonly simply a nice device to the present, yet if you make it rather original, you can provide it as a major present.

To help you in this impossible goal, we suggest you the gallery listed below with numerous concepts in pictures that will certainly inspire you! Likewise detailed instruction for make gift card. Have a look also at the video!

Ways to make a DIY birthday card step by step


1. DIY pop up birthday card design motivation


diy birthday card

Purchasing your loved ones funny, thoughtful, or sentimental birthday cards is constantly a great gesture.

If you’re an avid DIY lover like us, nonetheless, then you recognize that it’s often a lot more significant for both people if what you provide a person for their birthday is something that you made yourself!

Making someone a birthday card does not need to be hard, yet it’ll absolutely reveal them how much you care.

Here we go!

Start with a simple card as well as fold it in half. Then cut parallel lines (in sets of the very same size) into the middle fold as received the picture. The cuts ought to be max half the size of the card (or else they’ll attract attention when you close it). Press the flaps onward up until your card appears like in the bottom photo.

diy birthday card


Now begin crafting the bits and also pieces to show in your card. I made some balloons and also a Best of luck indicator for this. Stick these with paper adhesive into the front (not leading) component of the folded up out flaps. Now when you shut your card, it’ll resemble in the lower left image. Just take a 2nd card as well as adhesive it on cover the outside.

diy birthday card


Stick some even more balloons, or whatever it is you’re crafting, onto the flaps and also voilà– you’re done. You could still include a background to the leading and lower halves. Stick on some clouds in the leading component, some yard in the reduced one for instance.

diy birthday card


Similarly you can also produce text cards (Delighted Birthday), fields of blossoms or rows of trees. These would be wonderful for birthday’s, college graduation, Dad’s Day or really nearly anything.

diy birthday card


And now you will get a happy face in your friend’s or boyfriend.

2. Frog-in-a-Box

diy birthday card


Want someone you like suprise with your present card? attempt this Frog-in-a-Box card. What do you require:

  • Glue stick
  • Craft adhesive
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Warm adhesive gun
  • 3 1/2- by-3 1/2-by -1- inch box
  • Blue attractive craft paper
  • Permit stock
  • Yellow and also green crepe paper
  • String
  • Little springtime



  1. Line box with blue decorative craft paper, protecting paper with an adhesive stick.
  2. Print as well as cut out design templates for the frog, pleased birthday indication, message tag, lily pad, and also water lily on permit stock.
  3. Trace and reduced lily pad from eco-friendly crepe paper. Trace as well as cut water lily petals from yellow crepe paper in multiples, as defined on the design template. Cut out and also fringe strip of yellow crepe paper where marked.
  4. For the base of the flower, roll the fringed strip of yellow crepe paper and also adhesive the end to safeguard, Glue yellow petals around base with craft glue, starting with the tiny flowers, as well as working up to the larger ones, overlapping as you go.
  5. With an adhesive stick, adhesive the frog as well as the delighted birthday indication to one more item of green card stock for sturdiness, and also eliminated around them.
  6. Usage thread to connect the indication to the back of the frog hands and also secure with craft adhesive.
  7. With a hot-glue weapon, glue the frog to the top of the springtime.
  8. Punch a hole in the lily pad with a hole punch, and also bent the springtime through the opening.
  9. Add warm glue under the lily pad to the base of springtime. Seeing to it the frog fits diagonally inside package, secure the lily pad and also springtime to the base of package.
  10. Glue blossom to lily pad.
  11. Punch an opening in the message tag and string into a ribbon.
  12. Press the frog down right into package, as well as position the cover on top. Link the bow around the box.

3. DIY Paper Crafts Gift Card

diy birthday card


This tutorial it’s step by step instructions, so it’s very easy to understand it.

Collect Your Products!

diy birthday card

  • yellow cardboard square (24 cm x 24 cm )
  • cardboard with special layout
  • leader
  • pen
  • Wilton Brands Inc Martha Stewart Big Circle Cutter

Instruction making it occur

Step 1: Mark the Yellow Square. Take the yellow square and also mark it at 6cm and also 18 centimeters on each side.

diy birthday card

Step 2: Cut a Half Circle on Every Side. Take your time as well as reduced them right. I didn’t like u could see in the last image.

diy birthday card

Step 3: Score on Every Side. Than is gonna be easyer for you to fold it.

diy birthday card


Step 4: Cut them from the paper with unique layout. Cut Two Circles (11.5 Cm Diameter )

diy birthday card

Step 5: Currently, Cut Them in Fifty percent.

diy birthday card

Step 6: Stick Them on the Yellow Cardboard. Make sure to stick them on the outside component. Use adhesive tape (much better than glue ).

diy birthday card


Step 7: Add to Squares Within and also Outside the Card!

diy birthday card


Step 8: This Is It. You Just Learned Ways To Make a Wonderful as well as Straightforward Birthday Card. You can constantly feature new idea as well as enhance it. Like i finished with this set by including in it this item of ribbon.

diy birthday card


Well now you know how to make a Cute Birthday Card. If you liked this task, possibly you’ll like several of my others.

4. Origami Cupcake Birthday Card!

diy birthday card

Who does not love cupcakes? This origami cupcake birthday card is the excellent method to send out good dreams to birthday boys and also birthday girls of all ages!

This project is very easy sufficient for a kid to finish with very little grown-up support.

So it’s the ideal job if your son or daughter has been welcomed to a friend’s birthday celebration as well as you need a final greeting card.

Step 1. Collect Your Materials

diy birthday card

For this very easy origami design, you’ll need one sheet of square origami paper that is 6 inches by 6 inches square. Your paper has to be tinted on one side and also white beyond.

The tinted side becomes your cupcake liner and also the white side becomes the cupcake frosting. Free origami paper styles would certainly be suitable, if you find a pattern that you like.

Furthermore, you will certainly need one sheet of 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper for your card base and one sheet of 12 inch by 12 inch square scrapbooking paper to develop an envelope for your card. These larger documents ought to coordinate with the color you have actually selected for your origami cupcake.

Step 2. Make the Preliminary Folds Up

diy birthday card

Begin with the white side of your paper face up. Fold your paper in half along one of the diagonals to make a huge triangle.

Fold the leading point of the top layer of paper down as displayed in the image. This layer must be about 1/2 inch from the lower horizontal side of the paper.

Step 3. Produce Accordion Folds Up

diy birthday card

Make accordion folds up by folding the lower factor of the triangle up and after that down as received the picture.

This produces the edge of the frosting on your ended up cupcake.

Step 4. Make A Flip

diy birthday card

Flip your paper over. Fold up the top layer of the paper to make a small triangle.

Fold up the left as well as best sides in to the center crease as revealed. This creates the angled component of your cupcake lining.

Step 5. Finish Your Origami Cupcake

diy birthday card

Turn your paper over one more time, so you’re back to the initial starting setting. Bring the pointer of the triangular developed in the previous step over the top of your paper to produce a gumball covering for your frozen cupcake.

If desired, you could include structure and also realistic look to your style by making light accordion folds along the bottom colored cupcake liner part of the paper.


Do not fold up into the white frosted portion of the cupcake. (This section of the job can merely be avoided if you’re working with a very young child.).

Step 6. Develop Your Origami Cupcake Card

diy birthday card

Fold a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper right into fourths to produce a base for your card. Connect the origami cupcake to your card with a glue stick or some glue squares.

If desired, use tinted washi tape to create a birthday candle light as well as table base for your card style. You could likewise use great tipped markers to look at the fold lines produced in Step 5 as well as add vibrant sprinkles to the white cupcake frosting.

To add a feminine touch to the card, consider decorating with a little radiance adhesive or little self adhesive rhinestones utilized as cupcake sprays.

Include the wanted saying to the inside of your card utilizing letter sticker labels, patterns, or scrapbooking rub-on letters. If you’re having difficulty developing an ideal belief, inspect this out if you need some great birthday card phrases.

Fold up an envelope for your card utilizing 12 by 12 inch scrapbook paper and the guidelines in our Easy Origami Envelope Pattern tutorial.


DIY Birthday Card Suggestions as well as Image

When it involves birthday of your besties, there is nothing even more sincere compared to a homemade birthday gift cards. It is not tough to create birthday cards as well as to earn it easier for you, we have actually accumulated amazing homemade Birthday card concepts you can easily produce in your home.

Take a look at these 21 adorable DIY birthday card layouts for individuals of all ages. We hope you feel inspired to try recreating one or create among your personal!

1. Washi Tape Candle

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Baker’s twine, washi tape and a stamp (or great hand lettering skills) are all you need for this trendy and easy homemade birthday card design from An Action in the Journey. With this tutorial, you can whip up a work of art in under 10 mins!

A homemade birthday card means that you didn’t have to rely upon a Facebook notice to bear in mind their birthday, which makes somebody feel special. With a birthday card this thoughtful, you might want to include a birthday gift as well. If you do want to consist of a present, what far better means to combine a homemade card compared to with a personalized birthday present?

2.Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


Not just is this pop-up, 3D cake card style by Red Ted Art excellent for a birthday, it could likewise be utilized for a wedding celebration or any type of event that calls for cake! This cake card needs only a few simple household products (baking not required).

3. Minimalist Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


Kristina Werner made use of an economical watercolor established for this straightforward and also easy DIY birthday card. You do not have to be an art major, either. It’s just repainting stripes and drawing black lines. Look into her how to video on YouTube for particular guidelines!

4. Casino Poker Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


This creative job dreamed up by Kelly Griglione for Winnie & Walter, LLC could be personalized with the birthday year of the recipient utilizing playing cards. It’s definitely excellent for your bridge companion or casino poker having fun good friend.

5. Dahlia Fold Gown Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


The fragile details on this stunning paper gown style from Baukje’s Cards and also Crafts originate from the time invested embossing and dahlia folding on double sided layout paper. Offer to a fashionista who will marvel at the work put into her paper gown card!

6. 3D Balloon Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


Colorful, three-dimensional balloons are the characteristic of this card from WORKSHOP XTINE. Individualize the card by making the variety of balloons match the recipient’s birthday. This card includes 25 balloons for a pal’s 25th birthday.

7. Geometric Stamp Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


We’ve all remained in that position where we should make a fast quit heading to a birthday event. With this fast style utilizing self-inking stamps from Almost Makes Perfect, you can save yourself a journey and still bring an attractive card.

8. Easy Peasy Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

This DIY birthday card by Grâce Belle just takes 15 mins to make and also makes use of very little supplies. Actually, you probably have every one of them handy now. Try with hand text as well as an ink pen for a stunning discussion. Contrast your balloon color with a bright card beneath.

9. Shaker Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Diy birthday card with a shaker card contains a moving thing in the front component of the card, as well as this shaker card has a lovable birthday dream in the front. For a wonderful birthday card suggestion

10. Accordion Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Perfect for those in a long-distance relationship, this homemade card from Delighted Go Lucky contains an entire week of birthday messages. Double-sided tape and repurposed cards amount to a special gift that could be opened up on a daily basis of the week.

11. Birthday Banner

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


The Little Koo Blog chose a simple sentiment in addition to a very formed paper diy birthday card. Rather than creating in a square, make it more fascinating with a banner displayed throughout the card. Add your special birthday message within the banner.

12. Birthday Candle Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas


The actual candles on this homemade diy birthday card from Pixels and also Glue make it pop with dimension, as well as could be conserved for later! You’ll have to make this one prior to the big day, nonetheless, as the black stamp on skin needs some time to completely dry.

14. Geometric Birthday Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Simple and spectacular, this geometric layout from Merely Stamped features black ink and also a pop of color diy birthday card. This is a perfect birthday card for a person who values a wonderful pop of color. Your creativity and also focus on information will leave them awe struck.

15. An Innovative Card

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

This is fairly imaginative diy birthday card. With a card similar to this, make sure that yours is mosting likely to be the one-of-a-kind one.

In The End

Diy birthday card was delighted with this nice surprise and it made us want to make cards for Birthday and New Year!

And you, are you fond of homemade cards?

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